Penetration testing

Meatspace security

Test your physical security

You’ve hired a security company to secure your buildings / datacenters. They installed cameras and posted security guards around the premises, but have you ever tested their skills and equipment?


Physical security can have multiple flaws from not trained staff to poorly designed security measures. You want your company to be secure not only online but also offline.


Black Mountain Security can test your physical security in multiple ways. We report on our findings so you can take up found issues with your security company to make sure your company assets are as secure as they need to be.

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Security Engineering

RFID penetration test

Test your access and payment systems

More and more offices depend on RFID / NFC systems for both access to buildings / offices and payment in the canteen / coffee, but have you ever thought about the security implications of having these systems in place?

Vulnerability creation?

Most access systems have multiple entry points into your LAN network, from the actual reader on the wall to the card management system which your facility management can access from home to order new access cards.

Identity theft

What does your organisation rely on to verify someone is who they claim to be? Does a scan of your employee pass suffice? Maybe they can even log in to the computer infrastructure by just using their pass. How severe could someone jeopardise your company processes by having a cloned employee pass or even one created from thin air?

See more about the tests and reporting vulnerabilities.

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Security Testing

Security training

Educate your (non-)technical staff

Human error is found to be the origin of a lot of hacks successfully conducted over the years. Your telephonist accidentally clicks an infected link or gets a USB stick through the mail which is found to be infected with some kind of malware.

Social engineering

Hackers do not only use their technical skills to get into your company but also use a technique known as social engineering – bluffing your way into the heart of the company. Especially your non-technical staff should be made aware of the dangers of this technique.

Types of training

From direct attack and defense training to general security / privacy training we can provide your company with an appropriate package.

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